Up to 12″ x 12″ Oil Painting


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Customizations, edits, and Size

Different background, customizations, face swap, merging photos, etc. There is a flat $10 fee for this service. We do this digitally and then send you a picture of the edited photo before we paint it.
Default size is 12″x12″. Let us know if you would like different dimensions for no additional charge (up to 12″ maximum in either dimension).

Customization Fee *

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Review Painting

Would you like to review the painting before we ship? We will email you a picture of the painting and make minor fixes for free. Reviewing/adjusting typically adds 2 days to the turnaround time.

Expedited (Faster Turnaround)

Priority painting and express shipping service. For fastest possible delivery, you can choose not to review the painting before we ship (saves 2 days) and pay in full now (saves 1-2 days).

Upload Picture

If you have problems uploading, or have multiple images or other special requirements. Send the image file to support@oilbyhand.com

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